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Hey, guys hope you all are doing great, welcome you on our about us page I am the owner of https://icloudforwindows.net! Are you troubling about that how to Download and Setup iCloud on Windows (7,10) –here I will give you Complete Guide! Our site will be updated regularly with updated and good content.

Most of us have heard about iCloud, which is a cloud computing service provided by Apple. It provides many features such as security of data and an enormous 5 GB of free storage. So if you are a Windows user and want to use the iCloud service, it is possible for you to do so.

Here through this site, we shall provide you with the complete guide related to how you can download iCloud for Windows 7 and 10. We shall also provide the links for the same, so you can directly download it from here and install iCloud on your laptop or PC. You can easily set up and install iCloud software from here for free. If you are facing any errors or issues in the setup and installation process, you can always contact us through the Contact Us Page, and we will be happy to help you.

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