Tips To Access iCloud for Android APK — Complete Guide

iCloud for Android APK: iCloud is basically cloud storage which has been developed by the Apple incorporation for its users who are using the various kinds of its devices such as the ios or the Mac devices. In other words, iCloud can be basically termed as the cloud storage which can only be used by Apple’s users on their respective devices.

The initial release of iCloud was issued in the year of 2011 and since then till now this cloud storage is being used by the millions/billions of Apple’s users around the world.

If we talk about the Mac Operating system then you can use it in the operating system such as 10.7 lion and the onwards version of the Mac on the other side in the iOS operating system it can be compatible with the iOS 5 and the onwards versions.

Significance and the Use of iCloud

In simple and straightforward words if we define the significance of the iCloud services of Apple’s incorporation then it is immensely significant for all the users. The services enable the users to store their data such as digital documents, images, files, media, etc on the cloud storage.

Here the clous storage is basically a virtual platform just like the servers of any website. It has no physical existence yet it enables the users to store and keep their data in the safe custody. It can be used by all those people who are lacking the storage in their devices to store and share their data yet want to have custody of their data in their own hands.

The other major significance or the use of the iCloud is that it enables the users to share their data remotely with the other people or with the one device of the users to the other device.

For example, if you want to share your data from the one device to the other remotely like your other device may be far from the current device then in such case you can just upload such data or the media to your iCloud account on the cloud storage.

After that, you can use the other device to log in to your iCloud account and then from there you just can login to your account and then extract the same desired data from the cloud.

In a similar manner, the data can be shared with the other people as well remotely who are on the other devices of the Apple’s and are having their iCloud storage accounts.

So, this is why iCloud is very significant services of Apple’s and should be used by all the users on the devices.

Using the iCloud on Android Devices

Well, this is the subject matter of this topic in which we are basically going to discuss using the various kinds of iCloud services on Android devices.

We know that Android is currently the major operating system in the smartphone industry around the world and it has even more users than the iPhone or the Mac users of Apple.

Considering this scenario we will basically discuss how you can use the different kinds of iCloud services on Android devices such as the iCloud email on Android and many other services as well. We urge you to go through this entire article in order to get all the required answers in the same domain.

How to Access iCloud Email on Android

Well, there are many people who initially use the Apple’s devices and keep their data on the iCloud, but later they tend to switch using the Android devices from the iPhone or Mac due to various reasons.

Now since they have already kept their data on the iCloud services thus they have to find the ways of accessing it from their android devices.

So, if you are also going through one such situation, then here is how you can actually use the iCloud on your Android device.

  • You just need to pick your Android device and then go to its settings section.
  • There go to your user accounts and you will see the option of adding an account.
  • Among the various available options just choose the IMAP account option manually.
  • After choosing this option you will just need to enter the details about your iCloud user account such as add your iCloud email id along with your password and then setup your account simply.
  • Once you are done providing your iCloud email id and the password then below it you need to enter the other information such as the name of the server, port number and the security type.
  • In the server section you just need to add the name of server as “”
  • In the port section type the number as ” 993″.
  • At last in the security type you will choose the option of SSL/TLS.
  • You can also add your account using the SMTP protocol instead of the IMAP and in such case, you will be required to choose the server name as “ while the port would be 587.
  • Now just click on the next option and your account will be added.
  • You will be now able to easily access your iCloud account on your Android device and extract or upload your data.

Ways to Access the iCloud Calendar on Android

Calendar is the second thing which the people want to access on their Android devices from the iCloud account. It is generally preferred by the professional people, who tend to follow their working schedule in accordance to their requirements.

So, yes the good news is that you can access the calendar as well from your iCloud account on the Android devices, and here is how you can do this

  • Just login to your iCloud account using your Apple’s device and there go to the calendar interface.
  • Next go to the left panel and from there you just need to select the calendar that you want to export from here to your Android device.
  • Now you just need to enable the URL of this public calendar.
  • You will now need to paste the copied link in the address bar and replace the “webcal” of the URL by the “http”.
  • Just hit the enter button and it will save the calendar in the system in the term of a file.
  • Now you will need to go to your Google account calendar.
  • In the interface of Google calendar you will see several options in the left side and there you will see one option as “Import Calendar”.
  • Click on this option and then you will be required to upload the file of the imported calendar which you did from the iCloud account.

Now your iCloud Calendar is added in your Google account and you will just be required to sync this calendar by going to your Google’s account settings.

With it after syncing the account you will be able to have the access of calendar in your Android device.

How to Access iCloud Contacts on Android

Well, just like the calendar and the emails you can access iCloud contacts to android as well, just by using the simple trick which we will share with you in this section of the article.

We know that contacts is important for all of which we keep in our devices, since we can’t keep or store them within our brains and without them we can’t make any kind of phone call.

Here is how you can easily access your iCloud contacts on the Android device.

  • You will need to visit the iCloud website from your Apple’s device and login to your iCloud account.

  • Now after logging in you just need to click on the contacts section and select the one or all the contacts which you want to move from iCloud to other accounts.
  • Now go to the settings option and there you will just need to click on the Export V card option.
  • It will convert all the selected contacts into the VCF file and save the file in your system.

  • Next you simply need to go to your Google contacts website and at the homepage interface, you need to click on the “more” option in the settings section.
  • It will show you the “Import” option just click on it and then you need to choose the exported VCF file of the contacts.
  • Now after uploading all the contacts those contacts will be synced in your Google’s contacts and you will be having access of them.

Method to Access iCloud Notes on Android

If you want to use iCloud for Android and just load your iCloud notes on the Android device, then yes my friend you can do it even without needing any apk setup of iCloud for Android.

We understand that we all keep the important notes in our devices which are sometimes meant for very important purpose and thus needs to be kept into the safe custody.

Here is how you can do it yourself just by following the set of very easy steps.

  • Take your iPhone and go to the settings option and there click on the Gmail which you have added in the device.
  • In the settings click on the personal Gmail icon with the mail, contacts, calendars under it.
  • It will sync your notes in the Gmail account.
  • After it you will just need to open the folder of notes and from there you need to select the Gmail over “iPhone”.
  • It will import all the notes in your Gmail account instead of the phone.
  • Now you can just login to your Google account from any of the android devices and from there you will just need to click on the notes section.
  • Clicking on it your iCloud notes would be accessible in your Gmail account on the Android device that you might be using.

So, this is how you can very easily access the iCloud notes on the android device and make the required changes to them as might be intended by you.

Ways to Sync iCloud Photos, Contacts Messages to Android

Well in the previous sections of this article we basically discussed the various ways, by which you can have the access of iCloud email, messages, notes etc on your Android device. We followed the different method in order to sync or have the access iCloud stuff on the Android which was a bit full of efforts and also time-consuming.

We understand that those ways may not be practical for all the users due to many reasons, and thus here in this section we are going to suggest you something which will work for you to sync all your iCloud media, contacts, notes, messages, etc on the Android device.

Yes you heard it right it would be just all in one solution providing tool and can save the precious time and the efforts of many of our users.

This tool is basically known as the Dr.fone backup and restore tool and it works as the iCloud drive android, by which you can sync all of your iCloud stuff on Android operating system.

So here is how you can easily do it by using this Dr.fone kit.

  • First of all you would have to download and install the setup of this kit on your system in order to use it.
  • Now once it’s installed then just click on the Backup& Restore” option from the interface.
  • Now next just connect your Android device to the system and once it is connected to the system then just click on the “Restore from iCloud Backup” to retrieve the iCloud data.
  • Now you will be asked to provide the iCloud credentials in order to login to your iCloud account so that the data retrieving process can be initiated.
  • It will send you the verification code in order to verify the identity of the user and after entering the code you will be logged in.
  • Now you will be seeing the files of different kinds of sections such as the document, messages, media, notes, etc.
  • Now simple select the files which you want to export to the Android devices and then it will start downloading the backup of the files for the transferring purpose.
  • It will show you the preview of the downloaded data and then you will need to select the data which you want to transfer.
  • After that just simply click on the “Restore to Device” and it will start restoring the data in your Android device and your job would be done.

We hope that you have found this way of having access on your iCloud data quite easy on your android device. This is the most easiest way by which you can restore your iCloud account’s stuff on the Android devices, and then simply enjoy and use your data there.


Here in this section of the article, we are going to answer some frequently asked questions regarding transfer and access the iCloud data using the android devices.

These questions are normally asked by the vast majority of the users and we urge you to read them all below.

How to Transfer Data from iCloud to Android

Well, in the current scenario there are many third party software available on the internet, which let you easily transfer the iCloud data from Android.

You can just get the one of those softwares as per your requirements and the convenience, and then you can very easily transfer the files and the other data from your iCloud account to any of your Android devices.

Moreover this tool also provides you with the feature of restoring the lost data in your iCloud account and keeping its safe backup.

How to Send Contacts from iCloud to Android

If you want to transfer all your contacts from the iCloud account to your other Android device then you can very easily do it by saving the file of the selected contacts in the VCF format. Once the contact file is saved then you can very easily just transfer this backup file to your desired android device. You can read the step by step guide to easily transfer it in the below section of the article.

How to Send Photos from iCloud to Android

In case if you want to move or transfer the media files such as photos or the videos from your iCloud to the Android device then you can use the iCloud backup extractor.

It is basically a software which has to be used to access your iCloud media and from there you can easily transfer such media to the Android device.

How to Add an iCloud Email Address to Android

Getting the access of your iCloud email on your android device can be a hectic task for the majority of the users but we will make it a piece of cake for you.

You will basically go through the two methods in order to add the iCloud email on your android device first. Generating the password from your Apple’s account and then having the access of iCloud account on Android using that password.

  • You need to visit the website of Apple’s iCloud account which is
  • Now simply generate the password by answering the security question.
  • Kindly keep this generated password on notes as you will need it next.
  • Now just come to your Android device and there go to the settings.
  • Go to the accounts settings icon in your Android device and click on the add account.
  • Click on the IMAP option and then there you need to add your iCloud email address.
  • Tap on the next icon after that and then provide the generated password which we generated in the iCloud accounts section.
  • Once the password is entered correctly then your iCloud account will be successfully added on the Android device.

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