How to Backup with iCloud | Recover with iCloud

iCloud is the cloud storage and the cloud computing services, which have been developed by the Apple incorporation which is one of the prominent cellphone and the computer brands in the world. The icloud services have been particularly developed solely for the Apple’s devices users, who are using the operating system of the incorporation.

The icloud services let the users use the virtual cloud storage where they can upload their important data and the media files such as pictures,videos,messages and much more.

Users can share their data and media with the other users, such as in an organisation they can mutually share the important documents together even when the employee base is actually far from each others.

The services of iCloud also enable the users to take the backup of their important data and the files, since we know that how crucial the data may be for a user or the large scale organisation.

This is one of the major reasons that why the users tend to use the cloud services, so that they can retrieve their important data in case they lose it from their existent device.

There are many iCloud users who often wonder as to how they can basically take the backup of their data on their iCloud account using their iPhone,iPad,iPod devices.

Well,yes it’s quite easy and everyone can do it using some simple guide which we are going to share with you in this article.

So, if you are willing to have the backup of your iPhone,iPod devices then it simply implies that you want to keep the safe custody of your data, which you can easily retrieve in case you lose your data or even if you lose your device itself.

There are basically two methods of having the backup of your data on the iPhone,iPad and other devices. These two method are the iCloud and the iTunes you can use any of these methods as per your preference and here in this article we are going to discuss about both of these methods for your consideration.

Having the Backup Using the iCloud

Well, it’s probably the most used method of having the backup of your device, where you can take the backup of your data from your iCloud account itself.

Here below we are going to describe this method in our step by step guide.


  • First of all you just simply need to go to the settings icon of your device.
  • Click on your name profile and then tap on the iCloud.
  • You will now see the option as iCloud backup just simply tap on it.
  • Below it tap on the backup now option and it will start taking the backup of your data on the device.
  • You can check the status of last backup taken in the history of the backup.
  • If you want to have the automatic backup of your data on the device then you can enable this  option as well.
  • It will take the backup of your iCloud account at a fixed interval of time such as every day,week,monthly etc basis.

So, this is how easily you can take the backup of your data using the iCloud account by following our step by step easy guide. 

How to Have the Backup of Your Data Using iTunes

Well, this is the other way of having the backup of your data using the iTunes and here we are going to provide you the step by step guide to do it yourself.


  • Open your iTunes account and then simply update the application to the latest version.
  • Now you need to connect your device to the computer keeping your iTunes app open.
  • You may be asked for the passcode so just provide it in order to have the secure connection.
  • You need to select the type of device that you are using such as the iPhone,ipad,iPod etc on which you want to have the backup.
  • Now click on the back up now option and it will start the process.
  • Once the process is finished then your backup is done.
  • You can check the summary of this and last backup at the same section for your easy reference.


So, these are the two basic methods by which you can have the backup of your iCloud data and now it’s up to you that which of these methods you prefer for your own self.

Benefits of iCloud for Business

In the world of internet the cloud service is something, which is emerging on a very rapid pace due to its significant relevance in the lives of all the internet users. We know that the world is really being dominated by the internet, which has turned the world just as a global village. 

The cloud services in simple words can be defined as the virtual storage platform, where the users can upload/retrieve their data without having any physical medium of storage.

Yes the cloud services lets the users store and retrieve their data on the virtual cloud which doesn’t require any physical meduim of the storage.

In the modern scenario the usages of the cloud services is getting boost as the every other individual or the business organisation is using this services to remotely store and manage their data on the cloud.

You can also use the cloud services as per the operating system of your smartphone and the computer devices.

iCloud Services

As we have already discussed that each and every operating system offers its own cloud services to the users. For example Google offers the Google cloud services and similarly Microsoft also has its own cloud services offerings to the users. 

iCloud is basically the cloud services which are offered by the Apple’s incorporation to all its devices such as the iPod,Mac,iPhone devices. The iCloud services of the Apple are exclusively available only for the Apple’s users, by which the users can store,retrieve,access and sync their various kinds of the data such as media files,images,videos,email,messages etc. 

The cloud services of the Apple are very useful for its all kinds of the users be it the individual users,commercial business organisation or any other users.

You can just make the most of the iCloud services in any of your use be it the small scale use or the professional commercial use of the services. 

Well, here in this article we are basically going to discuss about the use of iCloud services in the context of business.

We will discuss in the article that how can you setup the iCloud services for your business, and then how can you make the most of these services in the growth and ease of your business.

iCloud Vs Business

Well, before we link the iCloud with the business interface it would be better to understand and discuss that how the cloud services can actually be fruitful for the business.

It’s a well known fact that the modern business organisation network themselves using the internet services, which offers the organisation with the communication and much more capabilities. The internet is all about the information system and the computer or the smartphone devices are the major information system, which are used across any organisation.

This is the reason that why a business organisation is actually flooded with the computer devices and the smartphone devices, which consist the major part of the its administration system. Now the challenge which comes up ahead is to keep all the information system of the organisation in an ultimate harmony, so that the entire information of the organisation can be evenly and consistently divided among all the information systems.

Keeping all the system in the harmony enables the organisation to make the administration easier which eventually lets the organisation to take its decision with an utmost ease. We all know that data information is the core aspect of any business organisation and this data information must be properly utilized by the information system of the organisation in order to avail the growth in the business.

This is where the cloud services help the organisation to make the most of data and distribute it to its relative end, where it can be converted into the information and utilized accordingly.

Significance of iCloud in Business

In the course of business a business entity receives the many kinds of data such as the media,mails,messages and much more.

Using this raw data is the prime responsibility of the business organisation which can be done by easily distributing the data among the different branches of the organization, so that the data can be sent to its relevant end and from there it can be converted into the information.

iCloud can help the business organisation by providing the easy data syncing capabilities to the entire organization, so that the data can be made accessible to the whole organisation. If you are using Apple’s devices in your business organization, then the iCloud services can be used on each device and putting the data on one particular iCloud account of the organisation will enable all the users to remotely share/exchange the data with each others. 

For example if a business organisation is having its one branch in one particular country and the other in some other country and now some important data needs to be shared between these two branches of the organisation. This is where the iCloud services will play its role by enabling these two branches sharing the data from the iCloud server which is the center point of data for the organisation.

Using the iCloud services two users of the organisation can even exchange their email servers to receive the emails on the cross platforms. It’s not just that the iCloud services will facilitate sharing and syncing almost everything with the other users which includes the important emails,business notes,contacts,reminders,meeting schedule etc. 

This significant services of the Apple is available for all its users who are having the setup of the icloud on their respective device. In the business organisation whether you are using the Mac operating system or the iOS you can use the icloud services on both of these platforms. 

You just have to set up the iCloud on the device and sync your account with the main iCloud account of the organisation. You will be then easily able to sync the important mails and other data on your device no matter even if you are the millions miles away from the other user.

How to Set Up Apple iCloud Easily

So, if you are looking forward to use the iCloud in your device then the first thing which you need to know and do is setting up your account on the iCloud services.

In the iOS operating system the Apple has released the compatibility for the iCloud services just on the iOS 5 and onwards operating system, thus you will be required to be on one of these operating systems in order to use the iCloud services easily. 

  • First of all just go to the iTunes and it will redirect you to have an update of the iCloud  
  • If it doesn’t redirect you then click on the iPhone icon in the iTunes section.
  • Check for the updates there and then it will begin fetching the updates for the device just be patient until the full updates are fetched which may take quite decent amount of time. 
  • In the course of update it will take a backup of your data and upload it to your iCloud account, so that you can use it as a backup data in case you lose all your data from the device.
  • If you don’t have any account of apple then you will need to create the one for yourself in order to use the iCloud services of apple.

So, this is how you can easily set up the iCloud account on any of your device and use it for your own purpose.

You can setup the iCloud account on all your business organisation’s devices using the same method, and in case if you face any issue then you can visit the official iCloud website of Apple to seek the assistance on any specific issue.


How the iCloud Can Serve Your Small/Big Business 

Ease of Syncing and Sharing the Data

Well, this is the first and the foremost advantage which the iCloud services offers to its users. The services enable all the users to sync the data such as media files, important notes,messages,images etc.

This whole data can be synced by all of the users at the same time and they can share it together on the different devices irrespective of the distance that they might be having from each others.

So, if you want to make your life more easier by sharing an universal data on all your devices at the same time then iCloud is the way to go for you.

Cut Down Data Losing Risk

We always live under the constant risk of losing our precious data due to the data corruption which may happen to any device.

This risk may be even more severe in the case of the big business organizations, where the significant of the data is priceless thus the business organisations need to have the solid source of data backup system where they can keep all their data safely.

iCloud can be the reliable source for such business organisations where they can keep the backup of all their data and retrieve it any time they need it. 

Facilitate Work Remotely From Anywhere 

Well, if you are having an organisation where the employees are given full freedom to work remotely from their own location, then you must be having the iCloud services in your organisation.

It will enable you to integrate all your employees with the one server of the iCloud services, from where the employees can retrieve and upload their work related information and you can also check the status of each employee and the work which is being executed by them. It is a fully safe services and only one authorised employee can login to the account using the information of the account, which has been given to them hence it is fully safe and effective for any of the business organisations.

So, these are some of the major benefits that user can avail from the iCloud services and there are many other benefits, which the users will be able to get as per their requirements. If you want to use the iCloud services in your organisation then you will get the 5GB of user data per user to store the data on the cloud server of the company.

If you are the owner of the large business organisations then you can buy the more space providing plans of the iCloud services in accordance to the requirements that you may need as per the scale of your business.