How To Set up iCloud on Android

iCloud is a very well known name for all Apple’s devices users, be it the iPhone or the MacBook we use it on both of the devices.iCloud is basically the cloud storage and computing services, which is provided by the Apple’s incorporation only to the users who are using the devices of the brand. 

Being the cloud storage and computing services the cloud offers its users the facility of keeping their data safe on its remote server.

As the name suggests computing the data on the iCloud can be synced with the other devices and can also be shared with the other devices as well, in accordance with the requirements of the users.

iCloud Vs Android

Well as we have already described that iCloud services are exclusively available only for the people, who are using any device of Apple’s incorporation such as the iPhone, iPod, MacBook, etc.

In other words, only the people with the iOS and the Mac operating system can use the iCloud services to upload their media and the other documented data. 

Android is, on the other hand, is the different operating system which has been developed by Google.

If we correlate the iCloud with Google’s Android operating system then the iCloud services can not directly be used in the devices with the Android operating system, however, there is another way by which the Android users can access the iCloud and all their important data, documents, etc on their Android devices.

Setting Up the iCloud on Android

So, if you are here to learn how to set up the iCloud on android device then you are at the correct article. We understand that for the people who have recently come to the Android device from the iOS they may need it quite urgent to have the access of their important emails and the other media data on the android device. This is why we have come up with a specific article to help you in this regard.

Well, it’s actually depending upon the requirement of yours that what you are actually willing to set up or access from your iCloud using the Android devices. 

Here is how you can access the iCloud emails on your Android device.

  • First of all, just go to the Apple’s id page and there sign in by using your iCloud account login information.
  • There you will see the option of the app-specific password.
  • Click on generate new password there.
  • Create or generate a new password there and keep the generated password in your note.
  • Now go to your Gmail account using the Android device and there tap on create a new account.
  • You can now add your iCloud email address along with the generated password.

Now your account is successfully added and you can access your iCloud emails on your Android device.

Syncing the iCloud Contacts Using Android Device

Well, if you want to have access over your important contacts of the cloud account, then you can easily do it by following the below-mentioned step by step guide.

  • Go to your iCloud account using your computer and sign in to the account.
  • Now just open your iCloud contacts and then simply select the contacts that you want to export.
  • Next, go to the gear icon appearing there and select the export V card.
  • It will turn all the contacts into the VCF format.
  • Now you can simply import this VCF format of the contacts to your Android device and have the access of your iCloud contacts on the android device.

In a similar manner, you can set up the other iCloud content on your device with a specific approach.

Kindly let us know if you want to access any other data or the media file of iCloud account on your android device so that we can create a specific guide to help you in that way.

How To Share iCloud: iCloud Family Sharing

iCloud services are commonly used by all the people who are using the Apple’s devices such as the iPhone,iPad,Mac etc as a virtual source of storage and the cloud computing. If you don’t have any idea about the iCloud services then just know that using the iCloud services you can easily store your data,media and the documents on the cloud storage. 
This cloud storage is basically provided by the Apple’s incorporation to all its users and a virtual server is offered to the users with some limited amount of space. Users can upload their all important data on this cloud server and from there the users can sync this data with the numbers of devices and can also share it with the other people. 

For instance, if you are having an organisation where the wide numbers of the employees are working under you who are using the MacBooks. Now if you want to share one particular document with your whole employee base, then you have two options either you can send the document separately to the each employee, which is going to take hell a lot of time or you can become smart and use the iCloud services. 

You can easily share that one particular document to your whole base of the employees simultaneously without having the break even of a minute. It will save a lot of your time and the efforts as well and those employees can even make changes to the document and pass/share the document in the circle of an organisation. 

This is what makes the iCloud services as very significant services for all the users, who are using the Apple’s devices.This iCloud services are widely used across the large scale organisation and even at the individual level you can make the most of these services.

Sharing the iCloud Storage with Family/Others

Well, if you are willing to share your iCloud storage with your friend and family then yes it is quite possible and you can make the most of this service in that way.

Having your family or other known people on the iCloud will enable you to share your cloud space with them where you can sync/share the important pictures,videos,images,notes,messages etc together just like a family.

Here we are going to help you in sharing the iCloud storage with anyone you want.

Before you share your iCloud storage with the others it is always advisable to you that you upgrade your storage plan to have the ample space of minimum 200 GB or 2TB as per your requirements.

Sharing the iCloud storage on the iPhone/iPad/iPod

  • First of all go to the settings of your device and tap on your name.
  • Next tap on the family sharing icon
  • Now tap on the iCloud storage
  • Choose your storage plan to share the storage with the others.
  • Now you can simply use the messages services to let your family/friends know that you are sharing your storage with them.
  • With this confirmation your family/friends would be able to share your iCloud storage.

Sharing the iCloud Storage on MacBook 

  • First of all go to the Apple’s menu and then click on the settings of system preferences.
  • There you will see the iCloud click on it.
  • Now click on the icon of manage family.
  • Next go to my apps & services icon and there select the iCloud storage.
    Then click on start sharing.
  • It will send a storage sharing message to the other person and then you can easily share your storage with the people you want.

So, this is how you can easily share your iCloud storage with the others on your iPhone/iPod/iPad/MacBook. If you are sharing the iCloud storage with the other people then you will have to first set up the system by adding the other people in the system.

How to Transfer Data from iCloud to Samsung

iCloud is a popular cloud storage and the computing services from the Apple’s incorporation, which have been specifically designed for the Apple’s devices users. The services facilitate the users to upload their important data on the cloud storages and share their data remotely with the other users. 

The icloud services are very relevant and useful for all type of the users, since these services let the users keep the safe custody of their data on the cloud storages. Cloud storage is the most reliable source of keeping the data, as there is no as such threat of losing the data from the iCloud server. 

For instance, if you want to save your important documents and the media data then you can opt the iCloud services to upload such media and documents.

Later you can very easily retrieve this media and important documents using your iCloud account to the same or the other device.

iCloud Vs Samsung

Well, it’s a well known fact and we have also discussed it that the iCloud is the cloud services which are solely meant for the Apple’s devices users thus you can only use the iCloud services if you are on the operating system of Apple such as the iOS,Mac users.

If you are using the device which is having some other operating system, then you unfortunately can’t use the iCloud services of Apple but there are some certain ways of transferring or having the access of iCloud data using the other devices.

Samsung on the other hand is a different brand than the Apple which differs from the Apple almost in every aspects.The major difference is of the operating system, as the Samsung uses the Android operating system in all of its devices, while the Apple has its own iOS and Mac operating systems.

This is the biggest reason which differ these two well known giant brands from each others.

Transferring the Data from iCloud to Samsung

There may be the plenty of the cases when the iPhone users may have to transfer their data from their iPhone to the other Samsung’s devices. In other words it can be said from the iCloud to the Samsung, as the iPhone users have their data in their iCloud accounts. 
Method 1: Manually Transfer the Data to Samsung

Step 1:

Step 2:


Well, yes you can possibly transfer your data from the iCloud to the Samsung, however it includes the cross platform data/media transfer but yet it is possible.

Method 2: Here in this section of article we are basically going to discuss that how you can easily transfer your stuff from the iCloud to the Samsung.

There are basically many methods of transferring the data from iCloud to Samsung, but for the convenience of our users we are going to discuss about the easiest method here.

Yes we are going to use the Samsung data transfer tool, which enable the users to transfer their data from the other devices to the Samsung’s devices including the iCloud services as well. 

Method 3: Follow the below mentioned step by step guide to use this tool easily. 

  • First of all you will just need to install this program on your computer system.
  • Once the program is installed then you just need to open it and then you will see the option as “Restore from Backup” and then “iCloud backup to Samsung”.
  • Just click on it so as to proceed further.
  • Now next you will be required to sign in on your iCloud account in order to begin the transfer procedure. 
  • Now you simply need to select the content that you want to transfer such as your documents,pictures,videos,audio etc.
  • Once you select the data then you can immediately transfer or move this data to your Samsun device without following any hectic procedure. 

So, this is how you can easily transfer the iCloud data on your Samsung device using our step by step guide. Using this guide you can transfer the data from iCloud to almost all other smartphone of the Samsung.